Cube Houses Rotterdam

Cube Houses in Rotterdam

The Cube Houses in Rotterdam are one of the city’s most iconic highlights. It is a perfect attraction to visit on your day trip or weekend in Rotterdam. The houses are famous around the world for their notable design. Tourists from all over the world come to Rotterdam to see these special buildings. Do you want to know what makes these houses so interesting? Read about the history and architecture of the Cube Houses in Rotterdam below.

History of the Cube Houses

Dutch architect Piet Blom designed Rotterdam’s Cube Houses in the late-’70s at the request of the city’s planners. Blom had previously experimented with cubic architecture in the Dutch city of Helmond. So when he was offered this project in the Oude Haven area of the center, he decided to expand upon his original ideas. Interestingly, the Cube Houses even form a pedestrian bridge across one of the busiest roads into the city center.



Architecture of the Cube Houses

To resemble an abstract forest, the Cube Houses were designed asymmetrically. Each triangular roof represents a treetop. The residences are constructed on concrete pillars with wooden framing. Moreover, they are three-floors tall and the entrance is at the ground floor. The first floor contains a nopen kitchen and a living room while the second floor houses a bathroom and two bedrooms. The first thing to get used once you step inside is that all walls are slanted. As you enter the top half of the structure, you should really mind your head!

The Cube Houses are located next to the Rotterdam Blaak railway stations. The houses were designed with the community in mind. and have the Old Harbour’s restaurants and cafés are very nearby. Moreover, they act as a pedestrian bridge. The traffic-free area that connects the cubes includes a little children’s playground and some small studios.

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