Kop van Zuid Rotterdam

Kop van Zuid

The Kop van Zuid is a new neighbourhood in Rotterdam, located on the south bank of the Nieuwe Maas opposite the centre of the city. The neighbourhood is fairly young and consists of the Wilhelmina Pier and the V bordered by the Rosestraat / Rotterdam-Dordrecht railway line on the one hand and the Hilledijk / Hillestraat / Rijnhaven on the other hand. The Kop van Zuid is built on former, disused harbour areas around the Binnenhaven, Entrepothaven, Rijnhaven, Spoorweghaven and the Wilhelminapier. Moreover, these harbour areas together with the Nieuwe Maas provide a large physical distance between the centre north of the Maas and Rotterdam-Zuid. This area is transformed into an urban area, and North and South are united via good connections.

The Layout of Kop van Zuid in Rotterdam

The neighbourhood is part of Rotterdam South. From an administrative perspective, the Wilhelminapier and Zuidkade neighbourhoods are part of the Feijenoord district since 3 March 2010. The other neighbourhoods already belonged to this district. As a result, the neighbourhood is divided into the following ‘neighbourhoods’ or areas:

  • Wilhelminapier
  • Zuidkade
  • Landtong
  • Stadstuinen
  • Parkstad
  • Peperklip
  • Entrepot
  • Spoortunnellocaties



Design of Kop van Zuid in Rotterdam

In the early 90s, Riek Bakker and Teun Koolhaas made a master plan. Over the years, this plan developed into an urban development plan. As a result, the important elements in this plan created the connections to the centre of Rotterdam through the Erasmus Bridge and Wilhelminaplein metro station. Now it is a highly urban area with many facilities along the river and residential areas along the inland ports. Also, some historic buildings, such as Hotel New York, are retained and given a new function.

Notable Buildings

De Maastoren

The Maastoren (Dutch for Meuse Tower) is with its height of 165 metres (541 feet) the tallest building in the Netherlands. The office building is situated on the bank of the Nieuwe Maas, after which the building is named. The Maastoren was built between 2006 and 2009, with OVG as its developer. However, since 2014 NorthStar is the owner of the building. The Maastoren has a total of 44 above ground floors and two underground floors.

De Rotterdam

De Rotterdam is a building on the Wilhelmina Pier in Rotterdam designed by Rem Koolhaas. The complex is located between the Toren op Zuid and Cruise Terminal Rotterdam and was completed at the end of 2013; on November 21, 2013, the largest user, the municipality of Rotterdam, received the key. The design offers space for offices, a hotel and apartments. The 44 floors have a total surface area of ​​approximately 160,000 m², making this one of the largest buildings in the Netherlands.


The Montevideo is a high-rise building with luxury apartments and offices in Rotterdam. The building officially opened on December 19, 2005 and was then the highest residential tower in the Netherlands. The tower itself is 139.5 meters high. The name Montevideo refers to the past, when the Wilhelminapier still had many warehouses, one of which bore the name of the Uruguayan capital Montevideo. On the roof of the tower is a large, three-dimensional letter -M-. Including the “M”, the building is 152.32 meters high. The tower is subdivided into sky, city, loft and apartments. Francine Houben of the Mecanoo architectural firm designed the building. Mecanoo received two prizes for Montevideo: The International Highrise Award 2006 and Dedallo Minosse 2006.

New Orleans

Álvaro Siza designed the skyscaprer ‘New Orleans’. The building stands on the Otto Reuchlinweg on the Wilhelminapier and borders the Nieuwe Maas river. The construction of the New Orleans started in 2007. In the spring of 2010, the building reached its highest point. On November 6, 2010 it opened officially. The 158.35 meter high building is the second highest building in Rotterdam and the Netherlands and the highest residential tower.



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