Old Harbour Rotterdam

The Old Harbour

When you are visiting Rotterdam, the old harbour (Oude Haven) is a must-see location. This historic port is located in the center of the city and is one of the most popular areas for locals to meet, eat, drink and dance. Most bars and terraces are situated in front of the iconic Witte Huis and next to the Cube Houses. During the summer evenings the old harbour really comes alive when the terraces are crowded with people.

History Old Harbour

The old harbour is created around 1350 as a result of the damming of the river Rotte; this makes it the oldest harbour in Rotterdam. Since then, this area has been a precursor of commerce and development, with shipping at the center. To this day, you can still find historic ships here, often part of the nearby Maritime Museum. The view of this historic fleet gives the Old Harbour in Rotterdam a unique atmosphere. The Old Harbour also offers a small shipyard, where historic ships are renovated in its old splendour. But what makes the Old Harbour really special is the mix of historic homes and modern design, which is characteristic for Rotterdam



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